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Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, returned from the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Paris where a historic climate agreement was reached, and answered your questions via a tweet chat on Twitter.

Topic: Canada’s climate change priorities

Date: December 16, 2015

Time: 1 p.m. EST

Host: The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Handle: @ec_minister

Hashtag: #ClimateGC

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A French transcript available.

user icon@ABClimateDialog
Q1. Will you be innovative in how you get Canadians to help you shape policy? What kinds of public involvement are you planning? #ClimateGC
user icon@ec_minister
A1. Yes! Twitter chat is one eg. Cdns need to be part of the discussion & solution. #ClimateGC #COP21 @ABClimateDialog
user icon@MarkHeyck
Q2. .@ec_minister How will GoC support local govt's efforts to fight #climatechange? Many #CDNMuni are leaders, but lack resources. #ClimateGC
user icon@ec_minister
A2. Agree #CDMMuni are key. Will work w you & thru @FCM_online. Also green infra. #ClimateGC #COP21 @MarkHeyck
user icon@GlobalCompactCA
Q3. Our #SDGs Survey showed #ClimateAction as priority 4 #Canadian #business. What does success look like to you? @ec_minister #ClimateGC
user icon@ec_minister
A3. Biz was part of #COP21 del. Working together to reduce emissions & grow economy. #ClimateGC #SDGs @GlobalCompactCA
user icon@EricLeclair_
Q4. .@ec_minister My kids (and their friends) often ask me: Dad, why are there still gas cars on the road? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqGA_OzjsOg … #ClimateGC
user icon@ec_minister
A4. Electric cars are part of solution & better EV infra needed. BTW- great video! #ClimateGC #COP21 @EricLeclair_
user icon@YFNWG_Ott
Q5. .@environmentca @ec_minister #ClimateGC what real discernable impact will Canada's emissions reductions have on global temperature?
user icon@ec_minister
A5. Every country incl Canada needs to do its fair share. 195 countries agreed in Paris. #ClimateGC #COP21 @YFNWG_Ott
user icon@Eric_Doherty
Q6. Dear @ec_minister, how & when will Enviro. Assessments be re-vamped to meet 1.5c #ParisAgreement commitments? @environmentca #ClimateGC
user icon@ec_minister
A6. GHG emissions need to be considered. #ClimateGC #COP21 @Eric_Doherty
user icon@TerryCormierGP
Q7. #ClimateGC @ec_minister what are plans for retrofitting existing buildings. and changing building codes. #passiveheating is possible.
user icon@ec_minister
A7. Emissions from buildings are significant & growing = must tackle. #ClimateGC #COP21 @TerryCormierGP
user icon@saskboy
Q8. .@ec_minister I'm glad you made an effort to engage with the #COP21Can video idea. Will do you more video requests & chats? #ClimateGC
user icon@ec_minister
A8. Public engagement in all forms is impt to me. #InThisTogether #ClimateGC #COP21 @saskboy
user icon@TSob88
Q9. .@ec_minister #ClimateGC has the government considered ending fossil fuel subsidies and using that money for green tech R&D? #cdnpoli
user icon@ec_minister
A9. We are committed to ending FF subsidies & investing in #greentech. #ClimateGC #COP21
user icon@KevCooper27
Q10. During #COP21 there was strong momentum around the world to reach an ambitious agreement @ec_minister How can we keep this going? #ClimateGC
user icon@ec_minister
A10. Every yr will meet w Mins at #COP & every 5 yrs, more ambitious commitments. @KevCooper27 #ClimateGC #COP21
user icon@S_tellle
Q11. Hello @ministre_ec, Is the Energy East Pipeline Project compatible with the Paris agreement? #COP21 #ClimatGC
user icon@ec_minister
A11. Every project must go through a rigorous environmental assessment and have the trust of Canadians #ClimatGC #COP21 @S_tellle
user icon@GlobalCompactCA
Q12. What are the highlights from #COP21? How will you motivate the #canadien private sector? @ec_minister #ClimateGC
user icon@ec_minister
A12. Countries - improved 5-yr target, aid to vulnerable ones. Paris message – markets are part of solution #ClimatGC #COP21 @GlobalCompactCA
user icon@MarkMeisner
Q13. Will you be developing an awareness strategy or a national communication plan regarding #climatechange? #ClimateGC
user icon@ministre_ec
A13. Absolutely! I am working on it now, as everyone’s participation is essential #ClimatGC #COP21 @MarkMeisner
user icon@EngineersCanada
Q14. .@ministre_ec How will the governme nt include climate resilience and climate impact analysis in public contracts? #ClimatGC
user icon@ministre_ec
A14. Important issue to discuss w/ provs, terrs + municipalities. Financial institutions already doing it. #ClimateGC #COP21 @EngineersCanada
user icon@PEYAlliance
Q15. .@ec_minister How will the Canadian government include youth in decisions regarding #ChangementClimatique #ClimatGC
user icon@ministre_ec
A15. Participation of youth is essential. Many were with me in Paris. #ClimatGC #COP21 @PEYAlliance
user icon@JamesGIS
Q16. .@ministre_ec Bravo for Paris. You made us proud! #ClimatGC At what pace will we plan #COP21 (2020) 1.5C close to 2025?
user icon@ministre_ec
A16. Thanks for your support! Work has already begun to establish an action plan with the provinces and territories. #ClimateGC #COP21 @JamesGIS
user icon@HugoBeltrami
Q17. .@ministre_ec Will you begin a program to adapt to climate change here at home?
user icon@ministre_ec
A17. We already feel the impact in Canada. Adaptation is an important priority. #ClimatGC #COP21 @HugoBeltrami
user icon@RickConseil
Q18. .@ministre_ec Will problems related to oil sands be addressed in the initiatives to be developed? #ClimatGC #COP21
user icon@ministre_ec
A18. Important issue #AB has already taken steps in the right direction – we are working with them #ClimateGC #COP21 @RickConseil
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